Anzi Knitting Teusyls

Remember to turn your teusyl pattern upside down when knitting top-down socks.

Even though teusyl patterns are shown as 5×8, each teusyl takes up 6 stitches in width and 12 stitches in height, so a sock with 60 stitches cast on will allow a band with 10 teusyls. The additional spaces around each block are to allow for connecting bars and connecting stitches, explained in the examples. If either the top or the bottom of your teusyl pattern does not contain a black dot indicating a required running bar, you may elect to skip the two extra rows of knitting. You must always include an extra space to the left of each teusyl pattern, whether it uses side connectors (indicated by a black dot on either side of the pattern, or not.

Black dots indicate where the teusyl-color stitch should connect to either to the next teusyl block (see Example 1) or a running bar (see Example 2).

Each square equals one stitch.

Hatchmarked blocks are the teusyl color.

White blocks are the background color.



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