Anzi Knitting Teusel Examples

Teusyl Examples


This is Teusyl pattern 7, Give Thanks to Spirit. This is a half-open teusyl pattern—it requires only a connecting stitch to be added to the next teusyl patterns on the top.

If you see dots at either side of your pattern, knit an extra stitch in your teusyl color on the row indicated, then continue with the next teusyl pattern. Repeat for the row.

If both sides of the pattern have connectors on different rows, you will work these stitches in the same column. (For example, Row 3, stitch 6, 12, 18, 24, etc., and then Row 8, stitch 6, 12, 18 ….). If both sides of a pattern show a connector on the same row, knit one stitch to cover both dots.


This is teusyl pattern 11, Summon Spirit, Invoke Change.

Note that in this sock example, a running bar (knit entire row in teusyl color) has been added to the top, because the pattern has a black dot at the top rather than on one side. When you see a black dot at the top or bottom, knit a complete row in your teusyl color, knit a second row in your background color with one connecting stitch in your teusyl color every six stitches, (at the location indicated by the dot), and then knit the pattern. (If the dot is on the bottom of the pattern, reverse these directions).



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