By Holly Lisle

Initially my concept for Refugee was as a contemporary crossover fantasy.

However, my agent made a very good comment about the way the beginning of the thing didn’t work, and in figuring out the new beginning, the project metamorphosed into a high fantasy.

The new opening? On her wedding day, a princess whose marriage will seal a peace treaty between two nations is dragged off to her temple and stabbed through the heart by a dagger during the workings of a spell meant to throw both nations back into war. Only the spell goes wrong, and the magic that was to have given the traitors casting the spell immense power ends up keeping the princess alive instead, but landing her in an unknown location in her new world. And leaving things very messy back home.

I’ve never written a princess before—I generally use regular folks as protagonists in my stories. But I think this could be huge fun.

Work is going well. Will be back again as I’m able to find time.

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