Anybody know a nice FBI agent?

By Holly Lisle

I have the horrible feeling that I am about to commit massive stupitude in this novel; part of it hinges on FBI procedure, and after several hours of bookstore perusal yesterday (good for forensics, nothing on the FBI) and several days of searching on the Internet and turning up an enormous amount of garbage and nothing useful on actual FBI procedure, I am at wits end. I want to either exchange e-mails or talk on the phone to an FBI field agent, and ask questions about things like “What is the FBI’s jurisdiction when someone does A or B?” (“A” and “B” in this case being spoilers for Midnight Rain), and “Would you have fingerprints on file for a criminal in this bizarre circumstance?” — (another spoiler). The answers I get will no doubt spawn more questions. I don’t want to call up the local FBI office and say, “Hi, I’m your friendly neighborhood novelist and I want to take time away from your important work to ask you a bunch of idiotic questions so that I won’t look like a fool when this book is published.”

So …. anybody? Anybody?

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