Another stolen hour on Ohio Five… 541 words, and a new discovery. AND a website update.

In Ohio Five this morning, I got a bit of additional backstory on the terribly important guy who has now gone missing, and am moving to a big moment for my main character.

And I got to write some more fiction, which was a pure joy.

Now back to the website, with the knowledge that we are very close to being done with it, at which point I’ll be able to go back to Book 5 pretty much full time.

Giving my first hour to writing Ohio Five these past couple of mornings has been a joy. Starting the day with my real job reminds me that the website building (which has never, ever been my favorite thing) is just a temporary disarrangement of my life, and that the work I love is waiting on the side of this.

Now, however, I’m off to to find out how close we are to wiping out the old software and replacing it with the new software. Pretty sure it will be early this week. And if it is, after my hour of stolen time each morning, I’m going to be doing a bunch of bringing writers into their new accounts a bit at a time, and working in the help desk with Becca getting folks back to their classes, and making sure all the links we break in the move get updated to working links in all the lessons of all my classes.

I’m SO grateful to have site members who volunteered to help out.

Wish us all luck on the post-site-upgrade repairs. <shudder> It is going to be a big job.

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