Another fine day in Word-Town — My secondary hero’s secret comes out

While my main character is female, my secondary lead is male — and today, for the first time, a big chunk of truth he happened to know about her past came out, along with some grim bits and pieces from his past.

The words flew, and I discovered things I simply had not known until I wrote them and realized they fit, and while I was writing, I managed to answer a handful of critical questions I’d raised for myself through the previous three books.

It was a good day for discovery. And for a very nice word count.

1543 words for the day, and 45,973 total. I have PASSED THE HALFWAY POINT!

Okay… the book will probably run longer than 90,000 words — the other three have.

But I have passed the OFFICIAL halfway point!

And I love this story, this series, and this world.

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