Another book to recommend

Research done for the night. Add Jennifer Crusie and Welcome to Temptation to the list of books read. Technically, this one is more of a comedy with hot sex and murder thrown in, not really a suspense. It has a murder. It doesn’t have much in the way of fear and tension. The corpse, for example, has clearly been attacked by five different people while still alive, and run over by two different cars once dead, and it has moments of deep silliness. The hero’s name is Phineas. You know you’re not in standard romance territory when the hero’s name is Phineas, even if he does go by Phin.

Anyway, it’s funny as hell and a tempting direction to look into, and I can recommend it comfortably. And now, since I still have some night and some energy left, I think I’m going to do some more writing.

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