How to Write Short Stories

Announcing the Public Release of How to Write Short Stories

I did a private Members’ Only release of my new class, How to Write Short Stories, last week so that we could test software and make sure everything was working correctly.

I’m now delighted to announce that the early sale was nearly bug-free… and we have squashed the few bugs that did get through.

How to Write Short Stories
How to Write Short Stories

Right now, you can still get the class for the EarlyBird price of $67 — It’ll go up to $97 when I have the first four lessons finished, but folks who buy while I’m building the first half of the class save $30 and just better than 30% off the final price.

What’s in the class?

Eight weeks of comprehensive step by step lessons with worksheets, forum discussion, questions and answers, and of course permanent membership. Buy once, get all the updates and any in-version upgrades for free, retake the class as often as you like.

Here are the eight lessons:

  • How to Think Short: Painless Short Story Idea Creation
  • How to Plan Short: Fun, Simple Short Story Design
  • How to Write Short: Get the Story You Want at the Length You Need
  • How to End Short: Landing Twist, Resolution & Meaning
  • Contests, Anthologies, Collections, Magazines: Writing To Theme, Length, and Deadline
  • Writing Story Time in Short Works: Five Seconds or Five Hundred Years in 6000 Words
  • Spin Off, Spin Into: Creating Good Short Fiction to Market Your Long Fiction
  • Genre Short Stories: Hitting Fundamental Notes or Defining YOUR Genre


Why the Discount on a Brand New Class?

I don’t have a fancy sales page yet. Right now, I have the basic curriculum outline and the questions folks asked me that I’m answering in the the lessons.

The pretty sales page doesn’t come until the class is finished (in other words, after I’ve finished writing all the lessons).

There’s a REASON folks get a discount on the first, AKA SPLINTERS version of the class.

I’m writing the lessons at a rate of one every one to two weeks, and I do not go back to revise, so what you get tends to be…


BUT… you get to let me know what you don’t understand. I answer questions in class, and revise the lessons after the course is done to meet the needs of the students who had problems with the first draft.

You get a discount, I get funding and beta testing while I build the class … and then you get the final version at no extra charge.

I raise the price when I’ve finished Lesson 4, and I’m done with Lesson 2, and working on Lesson 3 today.

I’m not going to flog this early-in discount with a bunch of posts and emails and showers of confetti.

If you’re interested, now is the best time to get the class. I don’t put my classes on sale, and depending on the scope and scale of the revision I need to do to move a class from the Splinters Version to the Finished (For Now) Version, I sometimes raise prices beyond what I thought would be the final price. In this case, I think the final price is going to be $97 but if I end up going over eight lessons, that changes.

I try not to do that, but extensive upgrades and a lot of added content both make it necessary and raise value. When that happens, I raise price accordingly.

How to Write Short StoriesIf you’re interested, you can see my ugly page and get the discounted version now here.

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