Anger costs too much

I lost my night of sleep Wednesday and, in consequence, my writing day Thursday, being angry with those creeps at, for my money — which they still have — the worst host on the Internet, the most inept, and the most intentionally dishonest. If you’re looking at them as a possible host, run far and fast in the opposite direction. By no means let them get their sticky fingers on your money.

That said, I got a good night’s sleep last night, woke up without the alarm this morning, and so far the writing has been going well. I’m a bit unsure of some of my work at this point; I careened past a sex scene at a few days ago to get to the suspense part of the book, and realized this morning that, A: It was an essential scene to the characters’ relationship with each other, and I need to start thinking in those terms, and B: I missed a bet for some pretty good stuff. So I did a marginal note to go back and fix that in the revision and kept going.

Phoebe and Alan will find Phoebe’s sister today, something that will matter a great deal in leading to the climactic scene. And an innocent man is going to confess to a crime he didn’t commit on the advice of his freebie public defender, making Phoebe’s situation much, much worse. (And his own, of course, but we aren’t going to spend too much time on that.)

And, finally, I realized something funny just this morning. When I get up at six to write, I don’t write to music. The only sounds in the house at this hour are my fingers on the keyboard and the whirr of the fan behind me … and occasional cat purrs when my cat is on my shoulder keeping me company. Music now would be a distraction — an annoyance. Later in the day, when everyone is up and the house is noisy, it works to create a little bubble that helps me shut out distraction.

But silence is so much better for writing.

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2 responses to “Anger costs too much”

  1. Robert A. Sloan Avatar

    Rip my gut out first thing in the morning, Holly. 🙂

    You did it again – innocent man confesses on the advice of his freebie public defender. I’ve been him. I did it to get out of jail on time served, and it was nothing more than a misdemeanor that I could have fought if I’d had a lawyer willing to fight it. Then I found out that when they hauled me in sick, they got my name and birth date wrong so the record isn’t on my real record, so I let it lie. But I remember what that felt like. You are SO good at raising the stakes – and making even minor characters grip me that hard. Way to go, Holly. That is fantastic.

    I think you’re kicking Midnight Rain to new heights and that it’s going to kick butt at whatever publisher’s lucky enough to get it.

    Robert and Ari >^..^<

  2. Nicosian Avatar

    Mentioned this the other day in chat, thought you might be either flattered, amused or horrified.

    Took Memory of Fire with me as travel reading on my way to the dentists.

    Along the way, Inspiration.

    And I only had a pen in my bag, discovering that for one rare moment, I don’t have anything to write on. The idea’s too fuzzy to tap into the Palm.

    So. Flip through the paper back looking for an expendable endpaper or page with no story ( you know, the ones with book ads.)

    And scribbled the idea down, noting for a moment how strange it is to have to write my novel ideas in someone else’s book.

    ( and yes, I’m reading, and quite enjoying it too. Useful! and Entertaining!)

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