And wrapped the new Big Course Lesson 9

Very happy with what I got today on the SECRET TOPIC Fiction-Writing Big Course.

I’m moving steadily through the lessons and worksheets. Finished Lesson NINE of twenty-three planned, so I’m not to the halfway point yet (that will be when I FINISH lesson 12), but I’m making very good progress.

Won’t put it on sale until it’s done, but the folks on the list below will be invited the day before I take it live, and will have the opportunity to get it at the introductory price, which is usually about 30% to 40% below the final price. Member Updates

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2 responses to “And wrapped the new Big Course Lesson 9”

  1. Sandy Avatar

    interested!….and can’t wait to learn more….!!!!

  2. Harmony Kent Avatar

    You have me extremely intrigued! Good luck with everything, Holly 💕🙂

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