And Today (Cue John Denver, while the blossoms cling to the vine)

Wait until I do the post for Tomorrow, and put the song from the ANNIE musical in your head. Don’t you just hate that? And then it’s there all day. "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya’ toMORrow …"

… I’m so bad …

Anyway, back to today. Today, 3095 more words of WFH1, as much of the LGD proofs as I can get, send a couple of copies of MIDNIGHT RAIN to my accountant, pay my taxes, remember the damned laundry in the damned dryer.

Today I bumped up my site plan to 20GB bandwidth. This time last year, the site was eating about 6GB a month. Now it’s eating 13GB, and the month-to-month growth curve is upward, and steady.

This suggests to me (and maybe to you) that a lot of new folks are here since last year. So I’ll take this time out to wave wildly and say hello, and welcome. I’m glad you’re here.

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