And the word for today is “frustration”

I have the site mostly switched over, but it keeps waffling back and forth — still hasn’t finished propagating across the net, apparently. So sometimes links work, and sometimes they don’t.

The community software is EVIL. Great software, it will do beautiful things, and Shalon Wood did yeoman work getting the initial set-up done, but there’s some weird bug that’s keeping it from working, and it won’t let him use the password I sent him so that he can even log in and see what’s wrong with it. Which means it had fallen back to me, and I am having no luck with the installation, and have discovered that I don’t even understand the processes well enough to ask an intelligent question that could get me help at the support site — assuming that I could then understand the help I got, which is not a given by any means. I have this sinking feeling that we’re going to still be using N54 next year, in spite of everything. My head is getting squishy from hitting it against the wall so much.

I am getting revisions done. I have to give the community stuff a rest, and I’ve already burned through another fifty manuscript pages, and expect to top out at 150 for the night.

But as days go, this one has really sucked.

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