And the WINNERS ARE…… First Ko-Fi drawing completed, winners notified by email.

By Holly Lisle

Emails to all five winners have gone out. I haven’t heard back from anyone yet, but should pretty soon.

So the public announcement — the winners are:

  • Evil Empire
  • Karin-H
  • Megan-O
  • ReadForU
  • Arwen-T

Each will receive a signed, dated special-edition print copy of Create A Character Clinic, 4th Edition, when they let me know where they want me to mail it. There will only ever be five of these.

All five winners also get the live Create a Character Clinic class on, if they don’t already have it.

Each winner will have the opportunity to pass on this prize to be put back in the pool for later drawings. If that happens, I will re-draw from my remaining pool of funders.

Reminder that family, friends, and HWC staff are ineligible to win prizes.

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