And the Slashing Goes On

I ended up throwing out not just the first scene, but the entire concept of the first scene. Tossed all the new stuff I’d written over the last few days. Gone, all gone, just gone. No more Maddie, Piper, and Jean doing work chat. No job angst — that’ll be there, but not as the opener.

Now it’s just Bailey up in the tower watching a rumpled, frazzled guy get out of his black Humvee and walk across the parking lot, and Ardell the Volunteer not using the intercom. Again.

It’s cleaner. Quieter. It starts the story with the story. I’ll have room for Piper and Maddie and Jean later. Now, though, it’s just Bailey, and Cam, and the bad thing that happened over at his place.

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4 responses to “And the Slashing Goes On”

  1. Holly Avatar

    The license plate is interesting. I wonder if it might be related. That would be awesome. 😀

  2. Liz Avatar

    Possibly unrelated, but the other day I saw a car with the licence plate “2TONKS” and thought of you. 🙂

  3. StarDoc Avatar

    Hey — everything I e-mailed to you via the usual addy this afternoon just bounced back to me. Just FYI. I’ll try a couple of others. — S

  4. Gabriele Avatar

    Finding the right wayt to start a novel is such a pest.

    Seems having written some 20 published books doesn’t make it any easier. Good luck.

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