And the PW Review

By Holly Lisle

Thanks to Mary Germano, I got a copy of the PW review of Night Echoes yesterday. If you went into the Readers or Writers sections of the site, though, you’ll have noticed that I’m very slowly getting site bits into place At the moment, just the top navigation bar, later the new logo and submenus and possibly a new feature for site users. I’m still debating that.


Publishers’ Weekly says:

Night Echoes
Holly Lisle. Signet, $6.99 (320p) ISBN 978-0-451-22094-3

Night Echoes, by Holly Lisle“Romantic suspense twines neatly with the paranormal—and without a single vamp or were-creature—in Lisle’s latest, a chilling haunted house mystery that pits a sensible couple against the supernatural. Following the death of her adoptive father, artist Emma Beck leaves Wisconsin and buys a “falling-down, money-pit, creepy-ass” Civil War-era house in Benina, S.C., the hometown of her deceased biological mother…

“…Lisle keeps pages turning with steamy sex scenes, disturbing revelations and a good old-fashioned ghost story, all building to a white-knuckle conclusion; it’s more than enough to please romantic suspense fans and should make a satisfying treat for anyone burned out on bloodsuckers. (Apr.)”

The middle part had more info than I wanted to give on the main story, plus I’m uncomfortable printing the whole review—pretty sure that runs counter to fair use. So I clipped it. It was all good. A first for me from PW.

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