And the Project Dolphin Throttle

Ah, yes. And lest I forget, I currently have 12,693 keystrokes sitting uncounted on my work computer, because the Project Dolphin server is throttling them. After the exciting, nay, thrilling experience with, my attitude toward being throttled is to throttle back.


I’ll try to send them again tonight. But talk about frustration.

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One response to “And the Project Dolphin Throttle”

  1. Robert A. Sloan Avatar

    That’s so understandable! But Project Dolphin is more reasonable about it, the strokes do go through for people who pulse manually.

    I’ll be doing the same thing with Pulse on my laptop when it comes, because I expect to rack up a lot of keystrokes on my laptop. Alli says that when she hops computers, the one she’s not at autopulses 0 all the time. 🙂

    No one’s *lost* keystrokes to the Dolphin throttle. They are consciously looking for patterns of cheaters who just spend half an hour holding down the same key or something.

    Robert and Ari >^..^<

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