And the Numbers Breakdown on Re-Outlining the End of Talyn

I have roughly 870 page done. I have, oddly, 87 scenes done. Since some of the scenes are twenty pages long and some are half a page, the fact that it worked out so neatly is … well, neat. But I have roughly 330 pages yet to write. And 72 scenes still outlined. Which is a bit of a problem.

So what I am doing now is going through those seventy-two scenes and compressing, and cutting, and throwing out. When I can get the remainder down to thirty (because I KNOW me, and I’ll stick extra scenes in there as I’m writing), I’ll actually get back to doing pages.

And that’s what I’m doing this morning, along with grumping and grousing and worrying about China in space.

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4 responses to “And the Numbers Breakdown on Re-Outlining the End of Talyn”

  1. matt Avatar

    but, we can also look at the *possible* positive side: maybe this is a step in the right direction for china, a chance to join the global community in peaceful exploration.

    of course, considering their track record…but at least let’s see where it goes before we give them a stamp of "member of the evil axis" or "terrorists."

  2. Jean Avatar

    Now China in space *is* something worthy of concern.

  3. Joel Avatar

    U can do it, Holly! 🙂

  4. Alex Avatar

    I often have a similar problem–except that in my case, I keep on thinking up new bits to add into the story. By the time I’ve finished the book, most of the originally planned plot never made it in. But that’s a good thing; it still works, and it’s interesting to read.

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