And the Hunt is On

3043 words on Talyn today. Passed page 1000 and didn’t even let myself slow down. I landed on 1002 with a lovely twist that I had not expected that will take me with some momentum into tomorrow’s work.

It’s too soon yet to say that the final momentum is building, but I think I can at least hear it scratching around outside the windows, growling.

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About the author: Novelist, writing teacher, on a mission to reprint my out-of-print books and indie-publish my new ones.

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  • Jean Oct 28, 2003 @ 17:05

    Here, puppy, puppy.

    Glad to hear it!

  • Indie Pinecone Oct 28, 2003 @ 13:08

    You go girl! It’s the writing vibes, I tell ya. 🙂

  • Heather Oct 28, 2003 @ 12:47

    That’s fabulous Holly! I am eagerly anticipating Talyn arriving on the bookshelves. =)

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