DTD — Crisis of Confidence/ Restructure

By Holly Lisle

Thursday I left the story happy with my words, but not happy with the overall direction of the story.

Friday night, watching a DVD with Matt, I suddenly realized what the story was missing… but didn’t know how to fix it.

I woke up this morning with a pretty good idea of how to fix it…and this afternoon in Starbucks while watching our coffees (okay, HIS coffee, and the kid’s and my frappachinos, because I’m a coffee wuss) while the kid found a toy he’s been wanting that just came out, I pulled out my notebook and started scribbling ideas.

With the pen on the paper, I started getting the direction I needed to take narrowed down to individuals and scenes. And I came up with a sharp, clean structure that limits the story to one year of book time, and divides it into four seasons, starting with SUMMER.

And when I got home, I pulled out the computer, and opened up Scrivener, and spent about an hour reworking my Sentence, and inserting an entire new first third to the novel (via index cards and Sentences Lite).

Tomorrow night, I’ll start in with the new chapter one. I’m totally jazzed. (And yeah, I’m writing on my day off, but since I didn’t write actual fiction, it doesn’t count, right? šŸ˜€ )

Sure it counts. I didn’t get any words of fiction, but I got awesome conflict. Today kicked ASS!

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