And Quiet Celebration

About 3:30 P.M. today I wrapped the write-in. The ending was better than I’d remembered, and now I’m excited about the type-in. I can bring the whole thing up to the level of the second half. We went out to celebrate (made our bi-weekly trip into town a day early), and I got a few tubes of oil paint (pthalo green and pthalo blue, a nice purple that’s damnably hard to mix from other colors but that is gorgeous as a shadow color), and a couple of decent filberts. (My brush collection to this point has been dreadful — these are not bottom of the line, so I’m hoping to get some good movement out of them.)

Tomorrow, I’ll do line-per-scene, and get the shape of the final book from my head to the page. It’ll be a long day, I have no doubt — but I think it will be exciting. I’ll be notecarding.

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6 responses to “And Quiet Celebration”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Thanks, everyone. I’m pretty happy.

    And to answer Ahdie, I have the line-for-scene, done in notecarding fashion, and after that is done, the type-in. Which is going to be brutal, because there are whole scenes I’m tossing, and whole new scenes I have to write in their place.

    And at the moment the line-for-scene is not exactly flying.

    The paints are because, as a sort of sanity maintainer, at the moment I’m working on oil painting for about half an hour a night most nights.

  2. Ahdie Avatar

    So now you just have the type-in left? I’m confused: what is the paint for? In any case, hooray!

  3. zette Avatar

    Congratulations! I hope the rest goes just as well!

  4. Lemm Avatar

    Woo hoo! Yay for you! 🙂 Also, I’m glad you got that nice purple — I don’t paint, but I know how satisfying it can be to get the exact right color you were going for.

  5. TinaK Avatar

    *happy dance* Yeah Holly! Way to go.

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