And one of my heroes reveals a dark past, and feet of clay

Poor Nebuchadnezzar — still taking shit thousands of years after his death. Was it Nebuchadnezzar? So anyway, my pure-as-the-driven-snow good guy, the one who I’ve really liked through all of one book and a significant chunk of this on — turns out to have a real dark side, and an unpleasant history.

Surprise. That’s the thing about people. You think you know them, and then you suddenly discover that you don’t, and the bottom falls out of your world.

So now, knowing what I know about him, I have to contemplate the effect this is going to have on the rest of the book, and the rest of the series.

But, with 2439 words on the page for the day, I don’t have to do it tonight. Thank God. I’m fried.

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