And on the Writing Front …

Got 3032 words on Talyn this morning. Left myself with a GREAT place to pick up the story tomorrow morning. Stuff was falling into place with the sweet clicks of Fate.

I’m almost ready to pass 1000 pages, which will be my next big “first time ever” milestone. Good, good writing day.

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  • Linda Sprinkle Oct 28, 2003 @ 12:11

    Aren’t milestones wonderful? Congratulations!

  • Humaira Oct 28, 2003 @ 3:58

    Yay Holly! That’s brilliant!

  • Jean Oct 27, 2003 @ 18:08

    WooHooo!!! This is getting exciting!

  • Indie Pinecone Oct 27, 2003 @ 17:32

    W00t! *digs out the cheerleader outfit* Go Holly, go Holly! Today must have good writing vibes. ^-^

  • Do I hafta say??? Oct 27, 2003 @ 17:19

    YAY!!! GO YOU!!!!

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