And Now to the Revised Proposal

Fresh from the writing high of an ending that is nothing short of a gold-wrapped bow-bedecked gift from my subconscious, I’m diving into the rewrite of my proposal for Claire and Penguin/Putnam, as discussed with my agent (Robin) yesterday.

I know what I want to do. Just have to see if I can do it.

This book will include a big, shaggy, adorable mutt. (Have never had a dog character before.) A writer in serious danger. A man who might be the love of her life — or who might be the end of it. And some of the scariest secondary bad guys I’ve ever come up with.

And I’m going on record as begging my subconscious for an amazing ending for this book, too, because I don’t have one yet.


Oh, yeah. Want to finish this today if I can, because my deadline clock is ticking.


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