And I’m back to fiction, and Wishbone… Kind of…

Got 1883 words of the 2000 I’d planned for the day. Had, however, a brutal time getting anything done at all.

Have been fasting since Sunday, (just water and coffee and a bit of salt), and today my focus was just gone. So I broke my fast with some pecans and cheese.

Tomorrow will be a better writing day.

Did love what I got on The Wishbone Conspiracy, though.

The scene is coming together beautifully, and with a hint of external, hidden evil that’s creeping into a discussion about a monster Cady and her team just shut down.

And I did get one solid idea about the main character down in my Ohio Series notebook. The Ohio Series is just a conceptual working title, by the way, and NOT what the series will come out under.

Setting up now to start on Lesson 32 of How to Write a Novel.

So outta here until tomorrow. 😀

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