And HAH! Again …

By Holly Lisle

Hunting the Corrigan's BloodGot Lulu to work with Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood. Click the cover thumnail to see how the final wrap-around cover turned out. Have my copy on order now, and I’m excited about the way the book looks like it’s going to turn out. I have to thank JM Edwards, who did the copyedit for the print version and the e-book version that I’ll be uploading to the shop as soon as I can shrink the file sufficiently. (Adobe Acrobat and I are still not seeing eye to eye.)

But with the capability of producing print books, Cady II is back on the table. Though I’ve decided that I really want to go back and pick up where I left off with her, so I’ll be starting from scratch on the story. The ten-years-later one will have to wait.

This has been, for me, a pretty good couple of writing days so far. I’m also working on one manuscript edit for one of the folks who bought crits, and doing work on the Language Clinic (really need to update the WIP graph on that).

And Robin sent THE RUBY KEY out to editors at five separate publishers, each publisher so cool that I’m afraid to even mention any names here, lest I jinx myself. So I won’t. But… oh, wow. Typing with your fingers crossed is a bitch, but I’m managing.

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