And BLAM! The Mess Arrives

I’m deep in it now. Cutting from later chapters and pasting into this one, rewriting, editing, writing in new stuff that reads better than the stuff I scrawled over the stuff I’d written, and creating new material eked from the barest of bare-bones notes.

I told Jean yesterday that writing a book always feels to me like walking a tightrope, never knowing for sure if I’ll make it all the way to the other end in one piece… but that doing the write-in part of revision was where I looked down and saw the clowns running off with the net.

And I’ll add that, with the current deadline, I’m crossing with the sure knowledge that someone has set fire to the rope behind me.

The fact that coherent books come out of this process never ceases to amaze me, frankly.

But, yes, I love what I’m getting on THE SILVER DOOR. Getting it is a hair-raising experience, though.

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3 responses to “And BLAM! The Mess Arrives”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Scholastic wanted me to end the series in three books. It didn’t sell as well as they had hoped.

    I have seven books planned, and have hit a point in my life where I’m actually not interested in being forced to wrap up a series before I’m done with it. So I have no idea when I’ll write the next book. I want the next book to be the one I WANT to write, telling the story I want to tell, and not a chop job designed to close all the ends in a big hurry.

    So the series might be dead. I might eventually be able to find another home for it. I might be able to publish it through a small press, or on my own.

    I don’t know. At this point, I’m working on other things because I don’t want to wreck what I love about the Moon & Sun universe, and I don’t want to simply kill it.

  2. Katlyn T. Avatar

    when will you start on the next book

  3. PolarBear Avatar

    Don’t worry. The clowns with the little bucket of water and the mini-tramp are running just behind you. If needed, aim for the mini-tramp. It will catapault you back up to get more words and will eventually allow you to reach that teeny, tiny platform with the manuscript mail slot in it.

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