And Back to SEAFOX, and The Agony of Indecision

Starting into the first third-person POV scene this morning.

I am struggling with POV issues, actually. My male protagonist is outlined to be my first-person POV. My female protagonist is outlined to be my third-person POV. (This is the opposite of TALYN. I want to maintain a similar structure for the books because it worked so very well for telling the story I want to tell).

Solid reasons for having Riknir as first-person POV. He’s Talyn’s brother, he’s Tonk, he continues a direct connection with the world of TALYN. The female protag starts out way the hell on the other side of the world, in circumstances that are already horrific before they get worse, and I don’t want to do that in first person. There are a couple of scenes I REALLY don’t want to do in first person.

But ….

Can I carry off a male voice in first person through 1100 pages of manuscript?

Can I carry off a romantic fantasy with a male first-person lead and a female third-person lead, and not trend away from the romance elements, or turn Rik into a woman with a penis?

There is the part of me that’s screaming, "Bail, bail! Redo the outline and write the thing female first POV, male third POV! Save yourself before it’s too late!"

And I still don’t have a name for my female protagonist. Long, long story there.

And I have the worst damned headache all of a sudden.

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