And Back Again (Yippee-Ti-Yi-Yay)

Hawkspar edits; ah, for joy.
On the up side:

• I only have sixty pages to do today, not eighty-four
• I’m past the worst of the disconnects, though I killed one high-longevity pen and am more than halfway through murdering a second getting there
• The last bit of last night didn’t go too badly, even if it was really late when I finished

On the downside, however:

• I’m starting way late
• I already have the day’s horrible headache — it’s what woke me up
• I can’t remember how I planned to eliminate the upcoming-in-the-next-few-pages Stupid Pregnancy Subplot™, and I’m not sure in which notebook I wrote my solution (but I know I did have one)

Anyway, enough grousing. In memory of Jackie Gleason, I’ll say:

And away … we … go!

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