And Another One Bites the Dust

The proposal for a possible next suspense novel went out to my agent about ten seconds ago. Took longer than I thought possible to finish the revision, but on the up side, I like it a lot, and I’d love to write the book. It deals with a different level of relationships than the previous novels, maintains the light paranormal element, and has a nice mystery and a bit of bloodshed involved.

Now, on to the e-book version of Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood, so I don’t make myself crazy waiting to hear something.

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About the author: Novelist, writing teacher, on a mission to reprint my out-of-print books and indie-publish my new ones.

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  • BJSteeves Feb 23, 2006 @ 9:40

    Good Luck with new proposal! I look forward to read anything you write, or have written!

  • thenovicewriter Feb 23, 2006 @ 4:14

    Dear Ms. Lisle,

    I wanted to give a more extensive thanks via post, but I think will act on that promise some time later.

    I discovered your website ( through FM. The articles were, as an understatement, very helpful. I loved “Experts, Professionals, and College”. Thank you for the time and care you have expended in creating that website for writers/readers/the world, and for creating FM.

    I wish you luck in all your future endeavors – writing or otherwise.

    Appreciative and thankful,

    The Novice Writer

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