And AGAIN With the Global Warming

Deep sigh. Amid the screeches of “Global warming is causing these hurricanes!,” I’d like to offer a few notes to the contrary. The first is on the cyclical nature of hurricane formation, the second is on the Milankovitch cycles and glaciation, the third is on sunspot activity as it affects climate.

We’re heading into the peak of a hurricane cycle. We’re at the peak of a Milankovitch cycle. And we’re just barely off-peak of a sunspot cycle. It would be lovely to think that we could change global climate by riding bicycles, but it didn’t work in the pre-human era. The planetary temperature still warmed and cooled. Hurricanes still came and went on their own schedule. Glaciers ebbed and flowed.

Humans are smaller and less relevant than we like to think we are, and our effects on weather are more of the same.

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