And A Few Final Bugs

By Holly Lisle

Apparently between backing up and going live, we backtracked to a test file (Mugging the Muse) instead of the Create A Character Clinic that should have been attached. And the first uploaded version of Way of the Cheetah went into the database as a .pdf file rather than a zipped .pdf, causing no end of trouble.

Upshot is that 100% of the first orders through the new store had errors. They’ve been corrected with replacement e-books sent to everyone who let me know they’d had a problem. The ebooks in place are the right ones now, and I’ve successfully purchased and downloaded through the system to make sure that everything is working as it should.

My apologies to everyone who got hit with the initial go-live bugs. And if anyone else has a problem, please let me know. I’ll fix it as quickly as I can get to it.

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