Amazing Apple Turnaround: We’ll Accept HTTS Lesson 6…WITH The Links

By Holly Lisle

Happy Apple

Happy Apple

4:41 PM EDT. My husband, kid, and I are out, and my phone rings. It’s San Jose, California calling, and I don’t answer calls from unknown numbers.

Don’t ask me why I answered this one. I did, though, and it was a representative from Apple calling.

He told me he and others had been over How To Think Sideways Lesson 6, and that, to quote him, “We made a mistake.” He said that on review, he and others had seen that the lesson was entirely within their TOS, that my use of the links had (as I stated) not been there to sell individual products, but to demonstrate a useful technique that taught my students a writing skill.

And he noted that they did not have the lesson WITH the links anymore, but if I would care to re-submit it, Apple would make sure there was no problem with its publication on their platform.

I thanked him, and told him I would be happy to put my work back up on Apple.

And I am.

IT’S GOING TO TAKE ME A COUPLE DAYS. The rest of this week is booked solid, and I’m going to have to re-download iTunes Producer and get it set up again. (Yes, I deleted it from the computer.)

So figure, best case, the first lessons of HTTS (as well as my other work on the iBookstore) will start coming online again on Monday. I’ll get everything up as quickly as I can after that, but uploading each lesson requires significant time and attention to detail on my part. I’ll try to have the whole course available by Monday, August 13th.

Thank you for your support and comments.

I don’t know how this came to Apple’s attention. I’m glad, however, to have the problem resolved, and to once more be able to offer my work on the iBookstore.

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