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Alone in a Room with Invisible People: Our New Podcast — 5 Comments

  1. I love this podcast! But could the volume come up a little more? I listen in my car and I have to have the volume jacked up WAY high to hear y’all!

  2. Hi! I love that you’re doing a podcast! I wanted to ask if it’s possible to get it to show up in Player FM podcast player? (Because that’s the one I already have in my phone…) If not, then I’ll just keep listening via my browser. Thanks for doing this!

    • Becky is handling the technical aspects of this, so I’m going to forward this question to her. It probably is possible. It might cost money, which would add an obstacle to the process. Right now money is tight.

      But if we can, we will.

  3. I love the new podcast, so excited to see when new episodes will be coming out!

    I wanted to ask, though, is there a way to find/listen to the old, six-episode podcast? I’m sure there must be some really interesting info in there.

    • It used to be on Libsyn, but is gone. I also checked iTunes and my hard drive, and cannot find any part of it. It was called Holly Lisle on Writing, and someone out there might still know where the episodes still exist, but from here, they look like they’ve vanished from the face of the earth.

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