Almost to 30,000 words (one third), and got a scene I love

While my day has been a bit rocky overall, I came out of my work on Ohio Novel #3 with my character making a tough decision that is going to have major repercussions — mostly good, but some bad — and I got a couple dollops of funny stuff into the story.  

Word count for the day is 1276 (a smidge over my 1250-word daily target), and 29,804 words for the entire manuscript so far. 

And — insert much joy and dancing here — it’s now the weekend. Which, because it has been a weird week, I intend to enjoy. All the ridiculously late snow and freezing weather has once again been replaced by sunshine and mid-50s temperatures, green grass and dandelions, and probably nymphs and faeries dancing on the lawns (though not while anyone is looking, of course).

Meanwhile, I have 49 workdays left on the Ohio Novel #3 project, and I am on target.

And I love what I’m getting, which is a nice note upon which to wrap this up.

I hope you have a great weekend. 

See you Monday.

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