Almost Done With Writing Discipline

How To Find Your Writing DisciplineI’ve written just over 3000 words today, and How to Find Your Writing Discipline is about finished. I’ll wrap writing tomorrow and polish on Monday, with the goal of having the workshop downloadable by late Monday afternoon or Tuesday of next week.

This is my system for getting a whole lot of writing done while also homeschooling my kid, working on my website, spending time with my husband, getting knitting done, and the usual housework, bill-paying, and other time clutter that everyone ends up dealing with.

How To Find Your Writing Discipline it’s available for preorder here.

And before I forget, by popular request, gift certificates are now available at the HollyShop. Left column, top box. If you were looking for a way to give your favorite writer something from the HollyShop, it just got easier.

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3 responses to “Almost Done With Writing Discipline”

  1. RayaPenName Avatar

    Thank you for your help, you have always been so inspiring and I hope one day I can payforward the wisdome you taught to me to someone else.

  2. Holly Avatar

    This is a great question, Raya. I’m answering it in today’s newsletter. to sign up if you’re not already receiving it.

  3. RayaPenName Avatar

    Hey Holly, I know you’re really busy but I’m not sure what to do, and you’re they only one I think that can help me with this problem.

    I finished my first novel. The world is ripe with possibilities the characters are still pliable enough to shape into even stronger and deeper characters, and I really would like to continue on with a second or third book or more. However, as an unpublished writer, I’m unsure if I should outline a second book then find out based on whether I can get an agent to work with me on the first one before I start writing a second, or if I should just go ahead with starting a second book and outline another book incase the first or second isn’t publishable or doesn’t sale.

    Any advise you have is greatly appreciated, thank you Holly.

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