Almost done with the site

Yesterday, my finest site hour — I got the damned template and comments for this page to work. I’ve been slogging links on the site, and reformatting pages to CSS so that the next time I want to completely redesign the site, I’ll be able to do most of it with the push of a couple of buttons.

I’ve been putting all but the very longest articles back on one page, instead of having them on short, site-readable pages. In spite of web wisdom suggesting that people shouldn’t have to scroll down to read a site, I get regular requests to have the articles in a format that would let people print articles to read offline later.

I’ve been dealing with bandwidth issues in the community — I picked an unsuitable host who averages by peak use, not average use, which means that the community looks like a skeleton of the rest of the site. However, the austerity measures have worked to the point of keeping the community accesible … so far.

Got The Wreck of Heaven done, today I’ll get back up to speed with Midnight Rain. I’m going to have to do a complete read-through to remember where I was; the expected one-week break to revise TWOH turned into — what? About a month? Sheesh.

Got my work cut out for me.

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