Almost done with the fixes

Some of the questions raised required some immediate thought and a little reworking — mostly, however, this line edit has entailed trooping backward through the manuscript fixing cases where, when I really get going, my fingers choose spellings that my brain doesn’t bother to notice. I’m hell on too/to errors, and its/it’s, and their/there/they’re. Also thought/though/through. And of/off. Ack. And as usual, there have been a lot of those. Mostly leaving off the extra o in serial uses of too — as in “too little, to late.” My readers found a whole lot of those, as well as places where I rewrote a sentence, but overlooked places where a bit of the skeleton of the previous sentence was still in there. I have a few pages still left, but I also have a couple of hours to work. It’ll be done today.

Amazingly, some of my Slow Turnaround beta stuff is already coming in — I hit the jackpot with readers.

I’d be able to print the book off later today, except I just checked supplies and discovered that I have one ream of paper left — which means I’m about 30 pages shy of minimal completion, assuming no printer devourage, and no flub pages. So I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to do the printing.

I’m going to spend some of the rest of today going over what I have in Midnight Rain and getting back into the story. I’ll be fighting to finish that book next month. With diligent effort, I might even be able to make it through revision by the middle of March, which is my goal.

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  1. joela Avatar

    Happy dance sent your way. Did you want it served with hot running Chippendale dancers or Chip N Dale(tm)? 😀

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