All A-Twitter? Bet no one has ever used THAT line before.

So. I’m trying out Twitter. Here’s the thing. I have no idea WHY I’m trying it out. I have been assured by certain people that it is the coolest thing since discoing in Jello, and when I protested that I’d never tried that either, I got a look.

In any case.

This is my Twitter feed.

If you know why this is a cool thing, please tell me. Pass on what’s interesting, and what I need to learn how to do… and how to do it, if you happen to know.

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13 responses to “All A-Twitter? Bet no one has ever used THAT line before.”

  1. dianacacy Avatar

    I noticed that someone innocent looking enough on my list was suspended. So where three others that looked like they could be actual spammers.

    Upon searching, I found this article indicating that Twitter is fighting spam.

    Promoting oneself seems to be ok with their rules. But now I’m wary of trying any of the automated message plug ins while this is going on.

    Also, if you decide to do another account, sounds like using a character’s name is not a good idea. It falls under impersonation rules at the moment.

  2. KimiD Avatar

    heh. sorry i keep thinking of things to tell you. also check out “twitter tools” it’s a wp plugin that updates twitter every time you put up a new post

  3. KimiD Avatar

    The Twit this widget looks cool. I may have to go download my own. Another thing I forgot to mention was twitpic that some people use in exchange of flickr.

  4. InkGypsy Avatar

    I really like Twitter. The mini-blogging really gives you a sense of who people are and is a great place for ideas and encouragement-swapping.

    If you’re ‘famous’ (ie. have lots of people who follow you) one suggestion is NOT to follow everybody who follows you so you’re feed isn’t overwhelming BUT instead encourage people to ‘@’ you (eg.@hollylisle) so you can have direct contact and Tweet back if you want to.

    I follow a number of writers and podcasters. There seems to be a core group with regular other contributors/tweeters. Lurking is frowned on – mainly because it’s creepy having someone watch your tweets without saying anything.

    It’s more manageable than blogging for me due to the 140 character limit. You HAVE to be succinct/brief! And typing 1 random sentence every few hours is much easier than writing a blog entry (very toddler-watch-friendly for me!). Just hard to keep up on what everyone is chatting about if you follow too many.

    Oh yeah -A hint: if you want to catch up on a thread just click on the main Tweeter’s name to read all their tweets. Good way to quickly overview without getting to sidetracked!

    Tweet you later!

  5. Holly Avatar

    Twitterific turned out to be what I needed. Very clean, very small. I only intend to have one account, because following even one looks potentially time-devouring.

    I’ll check into Tweet Later (that sounds useful.)

    And it does look like a truly fine way to give stuff away. 😀 😀

  6. KimiD Avatar

    I don’t know if twitterific is good and stuff but I just found out that twhirl (the one I advocate using) is for mac as well as pc. 🙂 It will let you do friendfeed, multiple login accounts, and seemic. I love being able to click on the tab for @’s and dm’s in case i missed one because i can’t always read through all the people i follow

  7. slorri23 Avatar

    I have recently started my very first novel, and just started tweeter. I hope tweeter will be useful, i don’t know much about it yet. The Tweet Later sounds useful.

  8. dianacacy Avatar

    Forgot … for busy schedules or while you’re away there’s Tweet Later at It works like aweber, but it’s for Twitter. I haven’t used it myself, but a few others commented that they did.

  9. dianacacy Avatar

    I belong to a couple of social networking sites to keep track of fellow writers and writing mentors. I like twitter the best because it’s simple design and linear style are easier to handle on a busier schedule. I get the exchanges and resource notices I need to help me with my business with minimum time spent.

    Honestly, Twitter has made itself so much more useful to me than any of the other social networking sites.

  10. Annalisa Avatar

    I tried Twitter feeling much the same way; why is this cool? Honestly I mostly use it to send free text messages to the one person who’s following me on Twitter (he has set his cell phone to receive all my updates as text messages), but sometimes I have a silly thought or funny complaint that I feel like recording.

    The Twitter comments I most enjoy are ones that give you a sense of the person’s current environment; for example, Irene Gallo wrote a few days ago something like, “Please, Twitter friends, help me resist this bread pudding!” I also enjoy snatches of overheard conversations, quotes from articles, and updates on what task the person is tackling, especially if it’s a creative one.

    The only no-no in Twitter etiquette I’m really aware of is using the service purely to link to one’s new blog entries. When people do want to link (to themselves or to whatever article they want people to notice) they use tinyurl… which is a mystery to me, but there you go.

  11. Geekomancer Avatar

    Twitter’s okay. There’s a bunch of other writers on there, so there can be a nice back-and-forth. Keep in mind, it can be a bit rough to filter through the chaff. While it’s a great networking tool, it can get overwhelming really quick.

  12. Shaela Avatar

    Well, I’ve heard good things about Twitterific, but I’ve never used it. (An early adopter, I’m not.)

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