Aliens and monsters make interesting employees… Ohio 3 — 1364 words, and 82,615 total

Today brought a LOT of worldbuilding into the story — and since this is first draft, some of it may come out in the revision (when I read it for the second time, and perhaps see that I got a bit carried away).

But I loved the character interaction between my main character and the very special construction guy who added a new room to her attic. 

And I had a blast giving her little snippets and warnings about some as-yet-unmet employees she’s taking on. She never wanted employees, but one of her bigger problems in this novel (though not even remotely the biggest — lots of people and things trying to kill her is the biggest) has been making enough money to keep herself fed and to keep her inherited business running.

She’s acquired the means now to a very good source of revenue.

And some ENORMOUS liabilities. 

I got to laugh wickedly while writing, to cackle evilly, and in the end, to set into motion a time bomb that I have to set off by book five.

God, I love this job.


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