Aleksa’s Demon

I worked tonight on the decidedly un-supernatural demon of memory, and Aleksa’s violent past. Her approach made sense to me, as did the place she went inside her mind when she knew she was in danger.

Tomorrow, I start writing Lesson 3 for HTRYN, and my beta testers start the course. I’m excited about that, too.

But tonight I flew through the words for Dreaming the Dead, and in my passage found the tracks of who a woman might become when she has walked through hell.

How about you?

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29 responses to “Aleksa’s Demon”

  1. Gabby Avatar

    I have definitely been keeping to my Nano goal of writing 2 hours a day. I am new user of Scrivener so yesterday I spent over 8 hours breaking up scenes, creating key words, writing synopses. Unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to get word count on synopses so no word count for that (sort of low on my priority list). Today I finished up with the synopses and breaking out scenes and so starting tomorrow I have to start pushing ahead on the story and get some actual word counts.

    Synopses are pretty cool. I didn’t know if it would fit my writing style but I definitely feel more organized and encouraged about everything that’s happened so far. Also a combination of key words and synopses work handed me a couple of muse bombs. Very excited about 1 of them.

    So today only about 111 words on the ‘project proper’ but lots of other uncounted stuff. 🙂 Congrats to everyone doing NANO. You guys are getting some amazing word counts!

  2. Tori Avatar

    My word count for Nano is currently 3,386 words. I can’t believe I am actually making it so far! It’s not kicking my butt! Yay! My daily goal is to write at least 1,667 and so far I am staying in the game. Lets see if that continues shall we.

  3. Don Avatar

    316 words this is much harder than my first Novel or the rough draft of my second. I’m getting to another stuck place, and it’s really annoying a part of me wants to quit start on something else but I’ve invested way to much in time and anyway I can aways rewrite the sucker, and I think it’ll be a good story once the kinks are worked out.

  4. Laura B. Avatar
    Laura B.

    I’m finally back–several months spent relocating an aging and ill parent and helping her get settled and feeling at home. Disruptive and stressful process, but also quite an adventure overall, for both of us.
    My story is still evolving (if this were a painting, I’d be on the 5th layer with the previous layers no longer visible!), but am very pleased with what’s happening.
    902 words!

  5. Lisa R Avatar
    Lisa R

    No words, again. I have really been struggling these past couple of weeks. I missed my 10000 word count for October by 501 words. But, hopefully, I can write tonight and start getting consistant again. I think I might do a new word count of 300 instead of 500.

    Good luck doing the NaNo novels. I am looking forward to watching the word counts!

    1. Holly Avatar

      Hang in, Lisa. If you got almost 10,000 words for October, you did great. Figure, that’s a 10th of a novel, and it’s words you didn’t have in September.

      Don’t get hung up on the numbers. Just celebrate the success you had, and move on.

  6. Rabia Avatar

    700+ words last night–the first in a long while. My husband’s doing NaNo and that’s motivating me to write at least a little. 😀

  7. June Avatar

    I’m still rearranging the scene that’s been the core of all my trouble for the last month or more. It’s going well, finally going to work this time. However, a lot of work for a net of actual zero in terms of new words. That said, I think I’m going to have to actually write a new ending, so tomorrow might see a word count.

    Once this is done I can get back to all the scenes I’ve started that are dangling off the points where ‘I need to know what was in THAT scene before I can go forward with this’ happened.

  8. Jessica Avatar

    Decided that I’m cheating NaNo this year and only going to try for 25K – on my WIP. The point of NaNo is to just write anyways right? But since all my weekends are going to be taken up by babysitting other people’s children, and I don’t want to be distracted from my current story by starting something else (bad habbit from my past), I’m sticking with my guns and just pushing the same pen to the page.
    No words last night. I just typed up what I had handwritten and started a new notebook (finished the other one) with a quick review of the next one-line scenes. So I’m set for a good night tonight.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Good for you.

      Sometimes you gotta dance with the one who brought you. 😀

  9. Deb Avatar

    Finally writing again after months of silence – Day 1 of NaNo yesterday – 2,000 words. And it’s NOT fantasy – a first for me.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Cool. Care to offer a teaser on what it is?

  10. Peggy Avatar

    Sunday turned out to be a better day than I’d hoped.

    766 on DG, and I managed to get in a Secret Service agent wearing a red rubber clown nose, as well as my presidential candidate taking his kids trick-or-treating four days before the election.

    And then, completely unexpected, I got 854 on OOT, the busman’s holiday project. I stopped in the middle of a scene last night, thanks to daylight savings fatigue, so my goal for today, real life permitting, is to finish that scene.

  11. Cat (from HtTS) Avatar

    I managed 1008 words for the first NaNo-day (see yesterday’s post). It’s a start. I know that I’m not good at writing when the kids are at home. Too many distractions. This morning flew by with lots of things that needed to be organized before I could actually sit down and write but I did manage my 1667 words.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Congrats. 😀

  12. Khena Avatar

    I’m back. It has been horrible in so many ways the last few weeks. It’s like everything seemed to go wrong at once with everyone I knew. Hopefully, it’s over now.

    Regardless, I am done with worldbuilding and pushing ahead with my first NaNo. 3042 words for my first day, the most I have written in a very long time. More than half of it is crap, pointless backstory I thought was the beginning. But I realized it at least, and the last thousand words are solid. I’m also trying my hand at first person, something I have completely failed at the other times I have tried. But this is her story, and I’m afraid if I switch to third, even limited third, other people will start interfering.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Welcome back. And hugs. My last couple of weeks have been like that, too.

      Still have my brother-in-law’s surgery pending. But everything else has calmed down.

      I hope everything turns out okay for you and yours.

  13. Debora Avatar

    I wish everyone luck with their Nano novels!

    I am still here, plodding along: 255 words.

  14. Sonya Avatar

    2076 for NaNo – good start. I’m taking it slow this year to avoid writing wordcount padding. At least, that’s the theory …

  15. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    418 words.

    An Admiral is trying to explain to the Crown Prince how important things like discipline, honor, and duty are. She’s doing this on a shuttle headed to take the Crown Prince to his new command, a great new spaceship. The Crown Prince, however, is horribly snockered. After he vomits on her, she walks into the engine room and is pounding on the bulkhead in frustration when the bombs planted in there explode. She dies immediately. The Crown Prince survives for a few confused heartbeats.

    Great football day. My team won. Yay. It’s going to be interesting reading all the Nano writers statuses. I’ve never tried Nano although I did write 50,000 words in a month (+2 days) once. Good luck and… THEY’RE OFF!

    1. Holly Avatar

      :D. I lived NaNo in real live for years. I did several novels on that sort of forced-march schedule.

      Doing it this way is a glorious luxury…and a lot more fun. But you can write workable first drafts at a NaNo pace.

      Glad to see you’re making progress. And had to laugh at the vomiting. For some weird reason, that ends up in a lot of my books.

  16. Teri Avatar

    I also started my Nano, and finished the day with 3,976 words. Mostly setting up and meeting the characters. The king is planning to abdicate in favour of his daughter, despite elements which don’t want to accept the country’s first queen. Especially when she has a younger brother they find much more acceptable. The brother in question would prefer to join the army, and was last seen sneaking out wearing old leathers and a plain sword, when he should have been studying for the diplomatic future he’s expected to take up.

  17. Ieva Avatar

    I’m back with a new project (NaNo): 3000+ words, most of them defining the areas of conflict, setting up a playground. These will have to be rewritten eventually, but I absolutely needed them to figure out where my characters stand and how do they see the world.

  18. Patricia Avatar

    791 words tonight…I’m happy. 🙂 Now time for sleep, because changing clocks always makes me extra tired and completely wacks out my internal clock. Good luck with your writing everyone!

  19. Larkk Avatar

    Okay, these are Nano words, but still there are quite a lot of them, 6132 in all to write the Prologue, the first chapter and start the second. It’s great to finally get started, I’ve been so impatient that I’ve been having dreams about it.
    Working from an outline is great too, now I have a safety net in case I get too far off course, although I have been adding new stuff on the fly as well. The hardest thing so far about NaNo is the no editing part. Must… not … go… back.

    1. Holly Avatar

      That’s huge progress.

      The not rewriting is good advice. Write straight through. Think of it as getting the primary layer of a painting down all at once. You paint a little thin, but once the paint has dried (or in this case the words have had about a month to sit and cool on you), you’ll have something you can see as a whole, and not just the pieces you’re creating each day.

      1. Larkk Avatar

        I was really starting to second guess myself, and the fact that I had not included enough clues about the time or the location. I’ll push on and try to write it in the upcoming chapters.

  20. PolarBear Avatar

    A good, solid Day 1 for NaNo. 7218 words. Probably more than I’ve written all year.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Wow. That’s one amazing writing day. Congrats! 😀

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