After some wheelspinning, 2000 words

I actually got to settle in and write on Talyn today. The last few days have been tough, because I’ve been doing background and set-up work, and dealing with having two of my three guys sick, (there is nothing that will levitate a sleeping mother from the bed like the sound of a kid who is [A] barfing, and [B] still in bed.)

And I’ve been fighting to get Talyn’s voice back. She has a unique cadence to her speech, and a unique perspective on the world, and she hasn’t been living inside my head for over a year, since I wrote the first version of the proposal. Make that … two years? Pretty close.

It’s taken me some time to get her voice back, and I’m still fighting with it in places, knowing even as the words are coming that sometimes I’m missing her. I’m close, but I’m not always quite there. Which means I’m writing scenes that I already know are going to have to be revised for voice, and that can be some bitch work — it’s picky and slow and hard to hit.

The upside of this is that I got my 2000 words to day, and a good scene, in which Talyn gets her first hazy view of the hero (who is a long way from being her hero at the moment, incidentally,) and we get to see her in action in battle.

I’ll get the voice thing. By the time I’ve done 250,000 words, with more than half of the book in her voice, I may not be able to shake Talyn’s voice. But I’m not there yet.

ADDED LATER: I just found the weblog entry where I finished the proposal for Talyn. November 19, 2001. I knew it had been a while. Also had some fun (?) looking over some of those old entries. Lots of computer crashes, lots of hard drive reformats. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my iMac?.

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4 responses to “After some wheelspinning, 2000 words”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Those PowerBooks are some sweet machines. It’s going to be a while before I can get one, but when I can, I want the little one.

    I’m delighted you’re enjoying yours.

  2. Nonny Avatar

    Holly, you convinced me with all your posts about your Mac to go back to Mac. My first computer was a Mac. I just got an Apple PowerBook, and it rocks. Stable as hell, and I love it. 😀

  3. Jean Avatar

    Barfing will get your attention–still in bed will get you moving. Poor guys. I hope they’re better soon.

    Keep up the good work on Talyn.

  4. Jonathan Avatar

    iMacs are great! However, I would urge you to still back up everything! A game designer I know of, Phil ( recently had his iMac go belly up due to hard drive problems, I beleive. It is still a possibility, and I would hate to see you have to go through that unprepared.

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