Affiliate Update….. ARRGH!

Hi, again. Your friendly neighborhood bug-hunter here.

Margaret fixed the too-short username issue. I fixed the “can’t log in without a referral number” issue.

I’ve fixed the link to the affiliate program, so if you hit the affiliate button in the navbar, you’ll go to the right place.

Margaret fixed the stuck Affiliate Email program. HOWEVER, in the meantime, I’d tried a number of times to send e-mails, and they all evidently lined up in the queue. And when it started working, everybody got four or five. All slightly different.

The last one is correct.

I’m very, very sorry for the system barf into your e-mail.

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3 responses to “Affiliate Update….. ARRGH!”

  1. TimK Avatar

    Hee hee! ROFL.

    Sorry. I know it’s not funny from your perspective, because I’ve been there, over and over again. But sometimes deploying software reveals so many glitches, I just have to laugh or I go insane!

    Something about endorphins, I think.


  2. Holly Avatar

    I’ve now fixed the “required information” issue.

  3. Susan Avatar

    As just a heads up, I know you noted that you don’t need our contact information aside from email and Paypal, but the software seems to be requiring it at the moment.

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