Adding up Talyn

I’ve been slicing Talyn into manageable bites — a 250,000 word novel requires considerable slicing, but I’ve managed to get the thing down to size. Here’s the breakdown.

209 words per page

250,000 words due
8592 words done
241408 words remaining

1200 pages total
10 pages per scene, 4 scenes per chapter

120 scenes
30 chapters
30 days set aside to revise completed manuscript
195 days (starting tomorrow) to write book

Pages per day

Seven days a week (195 days) 6 ppd
Six days a week (156 days) 8 ppd
Five days a week (130 days) 9.5 ppd

Words per day

Seven days a week (195 days) 1254 wpd
Six days a week (156 days) 1672 wpd
Five days a week (130 days) 1986 wpd

ACTUAL WRITING GOAL — 10 ppd, 2090 wpd

NOTE: Some padding has been worked into these numbers to give me a bit of invisible breathing room. I figured all counts as if none of the book were yet written.

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6 responses to “Adding up Talyn”

  1. Jaye Patrick Avatar
    Jaye Patrick

    1200 pages??? OMG! It’s gonna be an epic! Yahoo! You go girl! Although all those figures and maths makes me shudder, I’m so looking forward to the final result.

  2. Michael Wells aka HighNside Avatar

    Ok… that is impressive planning. I see why you seem to have all your stuff quite well together… You DO!

    best wishes!

  3. Rob Avatar

    Dang! That’s a lot of scenes. And a lot of pages. Good luck, Holly.

    Have fun!

  4. Jim Woosley Avatar
    Jim Woosley

    This may (or may not) be relevant…but in dealing with multiple characters/multiple scenes, you sometimes also have to consider timeline and what any given character is doing between scenes.

    One extreme example: you can’t have a character, in, say Charlotte, then "next day" have the same character in, oh, Seattle without some consideration of how and why the moved. This is probably a mickey mouse observation 95% of the time; the other 5% of the time it may be the gaffe that loses your readers completely.

  5. zette Avatar

    Lovely! I just adore seeing sets of numbers like that! Good luck and have fun!

  6. sdurham Avatar

    Ah the kind of blog entries us inspiring writer types love to see! The nitty-gritty detail of how a book gets planned! I especially like the detail of pages per scene, and scenes per chapter. I hadn’t thought to plan things out that way…

    Thank you for the details, and look forward to the progress this book makes in your future blog entries!

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