Adding Permalinks to Geeklog

By Holly Lisle

Geeklog does not come with any provision for automatic, simple linking to posts. With more than 500 posts already in this weblog, I am less than enthusiastic about going off to seek new and different weblog software. Besides, Geeklog has a lot of features I really like.

While I have not yet found a way to provide trackback (if anyone knows a way, please post it in the Guestbook), I did finally discover a way to do a permalink from the article, which, if you’re trying to link to something here, should make life considerably easier for you. The new permalinks are now below each article. Copy that link and you’re in.

For fellow Geeklog users who want to offer permalinks to their articles, go into your /layout/[your_theme]/admin/story/ directory, open the file storybodytext.thtml, and after the following:
{readmore_link} <a href="{comments_url}">{comments_text}</a>

insert a space, and:
<a href="{site_url}/article.php?story={story_id}">Link to this story</a>

Am I writing?

No, I’m not writing. I’m worrying. I didn’t put any damned days for worrying on my schedule, either.

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