Adding A New Way To Pay

By Holly Lisle

Over the last three or so years, since I brought out Create A Character Clinic, I’ve had requests to add another way to pay besides PayPal.

I’m finally able to do so, and am looking at three alternative methods. (PayPal will remain my preferred method, but I want to be able to meet the needs of folks who can’t or won’t use them).

My three possibles (these are possible because the upgraded How To Think Sideways software supports them) are:

  • 2CO
  • Clickbank

I’d like to know if you have recommendations, either as a customer or as a merchant, and either pro or con, for any of the three payment processors above.

The new payment processor will be for Think Sideways, not for the shop. There are still issues with adding another processor there, unfortunately, though I haven’t given up.

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