Added Polls

I’ve added the excellent Democracy poll to the weblog. Please note that along with voting for an existing option, you can also add an option of your own if that option doesn’t already exist, and permit folks to vote on it, too.

For those of you who also run WordPress, I’ll note that installation of this plugin was simple and worked. If you’ve come by when I’ve been attempting to install some other plugins only to find errors but no weblog, you’ll know firsthand that this ain’t always the case.

I’m looking for a couple other ways to extend the weblog to add just a bit more interactivity, and to fill in for a couple of features that I do miss from Geeklog. Expect the occasional outage, and try again ten minutes later if you hit one. Ten minutes is about the length of time I’m willing to fool around trying to get a broken plugin to work.

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