Absolute Last Chance To Beta “Revise Your Novel”

By Holly Lisle

Today is the absolute last chance to sign up to be a potential beta tester for the upcoming How To Revise Your Novel course.

I have the course completely outlined and now I have the online application done.

Application e-mails go out tomorrow.

If you are not on the list to receive an application by midnight tonight (Eastern Daylight Time), you will not receive the one and only e-mail I’ll be sending out.

I am only selecting TWO beta testers from all applicants, but the application process is NOT first come, first chosen, so I want to make sure anyone who would be interested has the opportunity to apply.

If you have not yet signed up for the How To Revise Your Novel priority notification list, go to HowToReviseYourNovel.com, and in the top right-hand corner of the page, fill out the e-mail form.

Having two beta testers who can hit deadlines is critical to me, so I won’t be offering any second chances on this.

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