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My Introduction

Hi. My name is Holly Lisle.

I write for a living. Fiction. Nonfiction. Poetry. Have been professionally published since early in 1992, when my award-winning first novel, Fire in the Mist, came out.

In that time I’ve written millions of words. Seriously.

You can do the math if you’d like.

Average 90,000 words per novel (though two of them were 200,000 words each, and many were over 100,000), multiply by 33, add in over a 100,000 words of free writing articles on this site not including blog posts, throw in well over a million words in writing courses in classes on my other site.

I’ll wait if you want to do the math, or I’ll save you the time. Millions. 😀

I’m very fond of words.

And writing is the best job on the planet… if you like that sort of thing. Let me define “that sort of thing.”

You enjoy sitting alone in a room for long periods of time, thinking things that make you laugh, make you cry, make you angry…

You are pretty comfortable with a typewriter. You enjoy words. You have something you want to say.

So I have a couple of major passions, and one of them is getting my own words on paper. Telling my own stories.

The other, though, is helping other writers learn what they need to know to do this for a living.

Why do I put so much of my time and effort into this?

Because life is about making your own dreams come true, and if you’re working toward your dream, your passion, your creative joy, you’re going to be a happier and better person.

I think happier, better people make the world a better place.

And I want to do something to create that.

I can’t save the whole world.

But maybe I can make a difference in a few lives by telling a story that brings someone joy, or scares their socks off — I’m happy either way there.

Or by showing a beginning writer how to get better. How to get good enough to do this for a living.

This site is part of how I do both of those things.

So read with hunger, write with joy, and live with passion.