About to wrap up the Tube of Toothpaste … World

I think it’s funny that the best analogy I could find for the third stage of SANE worldbuilding was a tube of toothpaste.

I’ll do the final exercises and worksheet in that section tomorrow, and then I move on to all the things writers generally associate with worldbuilding (and either adore or scorn), and when you use those elements, if you use them at all: drawing maps, making artifacts, creating languages and cultures, and so on, are IF items, and you can frequently do without any of them.

Shocked? I know, when I finally figured out the WHY of worldbuilding, that I was.

Anyway, got 1236 words today. And I’m having a wonderful time putting together the demos and walkthroughs for the process I use now.

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By Holly

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9 years ago

Good stuff! Looking forward to Create A World Clinic.

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