A word about moderation

By Holly Lisle

Saw a “boo” for moderation in the comments on the previous entry. Yes, I do (sort of) moderate this blog. I use Askimet, which comes with WordPress, and which, for the most part, works invisibly, saving us all from massive amounts of spam.

How massive?

Look at the Akismet icon on the right, and realize I just started using Akismet several months ago. Can you imagine having to weed out all those offers to look at porn and male enhancement products and insurance, by hand, two or three hundred at a time some days?

Neither can I.

Sometimes, for reasons unknown, Akismet kicks real entries into the moderation queue. Not into the known spam column, but into moderation. Where I pull them out as quickly as I can. I don’t know how it chooses to be a pain to the people it moderates, and I apologize to those so moderated. But…if I had to rip out a few hundred spam comments a day by hand, this blog would cease to be doable for me. If your comment doesn’t show up, please be patient until I find it. If you’re not selling adult toys or some other crap, I’ll post your comment for you as soon as I find it.

If you are…well, that’s why I have Akismet.

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